I love writing beautiful code with smart, inspired teams that are as willing to go the extra mile as I am. I also like to get creative - whether it be through a visual output like film editing or anything music related (I’ve certainly made some YouTube videos that I’m too embarrassed to embed right now, but trust me, they’re great). You can find me singing here on Spotify from back in my glory days in an all male college A Cappella group.

Based in Cambridge, MA. Made in NJ.

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Working at IBM has proven to be invaluable for both learning opportunities and from a career standpoint. Not only have I worked with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Java, Python, React, Redux, Node, D3, the Dojo Toolkit, Jasmine, Mocha, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Jenkins, Cloudant, CouchDB, MongoDB, Apache SOLR, and all of the Watson machine learning and natural language processing services, but I was able to rise to leadership positions and travel the world going to dozens of conferences.

Throughout each of the teams I’ve been on, I have demonstrated the ability to quickly get up to speed and become both a key contributor and leader on the given project. I also, through refined interpersonal skills, have had many opportunities to collaboratively with customers, clients, and other developers.

Software Engineer (August 2016 - present)

Joined a team of four and quickly rose to become the top contributor, developing the server-side technology for partnership with Harman in creating a physical conversational agent for different conversation and automation scenarios.

  • Developed the API for voice interaction, designed the database for storing user metadata, and built an admin UI for testing, debugging, and device management.
  • Collaborated with research teams across the world in building a conversational model that manages context and multiple expertises.
  • Built an end-to-end abstract solution that can be repurposed over different conversation models, allowing multiple devices to connect to the server and communicate to different IoT controllers.
  • Worked with Watson Conversation Service, IBM Internet of Things Platform, Alchemy Natural Language Processing APIs, OpenWhisk (serverless technology), Cloudant, Speech to Text, and Text to Speech.

Developer Advocate (July 2015 - August 2016)

Promoted the adoption of IBM’s Cloud Platform, Bluemix, by collaborating with and enabling developers, leveraging the platform’s rapid application development and IBM Watson Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing APIs. Recruited internally despite the job requirements calling for 8+ years experience in this area.

  • Led and facilitated 10 technical sessions, talks, and workshops, and participated in over 20 developer conferences and Meetups in 6 countries, covering topics from application level logic, to deploying apps, to creating insights and visualizations using Watson services, to building Slack bots entirely out of serverless technology. By the last talk, the room was standing room only.
  • Built and open-sourced 6 demo applications showcasing different aspects of the platform and APIs, from building visualizations to IoT and microservice-based systems. These demos showcased the innovation that can be built using a combination of different services in the Bluemix Catalog.
  • Wrote a series of blog posts detailing development and Bluemix knowledge gained throughout my work. These posts were more technical and code heavy than in talks, which allowed engaging the developer community on a different level, while still meeting and exceeding their expectations as a source of knowledge, help, and ideas, enabling them to reach their own success using IBM’s tools.
  • Worked extensively with Cloud Foundry to design and create cloud native applications, along with Docker, React, React Native, Node.js, MongoDB, CouchDB, D3, and Java.

Software Engineer (June 2013 - July 2015)

Front-end web developer for IBM Verse, specifically on search, threads, analytics, folders, and the overall framework. Quickly rose to leadership positions and was involved in key design, architecture, and infrastructure decisions, while advocating for clean and modular code throughout the project’s entire codebase.

  • Conducted interviews for full time and intern candidates.
  • Worked with Apache SOLR, the Dojo Toolkit, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Java, and Jenkins.

Cornell University

Embedded Software Engineer (June 2011 - December 2012)


  • Wrote embedded code to re-implement established APIs on the new MSP430 based printer motherboard, allowing three motors to coordinate and create 3D paths.
  • Wrote host software for QT based developer GUI designed to aid debugging the system.
  • Established default system calibration values for new printers.

Teaching Assistant (August 2011 - May 2012)

Introduction to Circuits for Electrical and Computer Engineers

  • Guided students through a set of intermediate through advanced level problems.
  • Course material covered basic RLC circuits to filters and Laplacian Analysis.

Code Comfort


JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Java, C, Python

Frameworks + Platforms

Node.js, React, React Native, D3, Dojo Toolkit


Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry


MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, MySQL

Fun Things

  • Studied trumpet for many years, including multiple years of professional pit orchestra, as well as self-taught on guitar and piano.
  • Sang in the Cornell University Glee Club, and was musical director and president of the official A Cappella subset.